Personal Quotes

“Timothy Soar has an unerring eye. His photographs speak with more eloquence than any words can summon.”
Lord Foster

“Timothy Soar’s images discover and emphasise new and unexpected possibilities in our buildings.”
Sir Michael Hopkins

“Solid form coexisting with total transparency has been brilliantly captured by Timothy Soar’s photographs”
Sir Denys Lasdun

“Timothy Soar’s photographs really ‘see’ the building. Architecture needs this kind of interpretive photography which searches out special qualities.”
Sir Richard MacCormac

“An extraordinary British architectural photographer, a superior artist, his work involves skill and understanding and care, I adore its sensibility.”
Robert Venturi.

“Tim Soar is a master of transparency. No photographer better captures the solid water of glass architecture.”
Martin Pawley Editor, World Architecture Magazine

“Tim Soar is a critic and friend whose photographic insights into the work of AHMM continue to explain nascent ideas, elucidate architectural strategies and, most importantly for me, capture the spirit of a place where architecture is brought to life by inhabitation”
Simon Allford

“Timothy Soar is able to identify the character, as much as the appearance, of a building and its setting. In particular he captures those qualities of space and light that are integral to the art.”
Hugh Pearman Architecture Correspondent, The Sunday Times

“I think it took only one building and around an hour of discussing three or four viewpoints for me to understand and relax into Tim’s extraordinary experience and level of expertise. Explaining how the story of the building might best be told through a combination of scales, what would and wouldn’t work and drawing out the humanity through details and in occupation”
Amin Taha

“After working with Tim for over 25 years now, he brings a sophisticated elegance to his work – I know I am in safe hands with the master. He sees what I see, but so much more.”
Katrina Kostic Samen, BCO Past President

“Tim has been with us from the start. His critical eye and clarity in composition have been fundamental in documenting and visually narrating our body of work. There is a rare honesty to his photography, something special, which has become fundamental for us to reflect on, to challenge and to influence our architecture and design process.”
Andy Puncher PH+ Architects

‘I remember seeing the photograph and thinking: God, he’s actually made me look like a proper architect,  just meeting Tim I thought: this is where I should be. I feel now like I’ve met somebody who can actually portray what’s in my mind.’
Phil Coffey interviewed in New London Quarterly

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“Tim Soar is recognised as one of the country’s leading photographers, he is a master of the art and techniques of architectural photography”.

Kodak Masterclass

“Tim Soar’s exquisitely lit and perfectly composed architectural photographs are praised throughout the land, he turns bricks and mortar into works of art. He is at the top of his profession”

Practical Photography Magazine

“The crowds heaved, the jazz band played and champagne flowed while the walls boasted the Eversheds art collection, curated personally by the London senior partner, Cornelius Medvei. There are plenty of established names up there but part of the collection’s mission is to give an airing to the brightest younger artists emerging from London art schools. What entranced me, however, were the ethereal photographs of the new Eversheds building itself taken by Timothy Soar, the renowned architectural photographer”.

Edward Fennell writing in The Times

“Timothy Soar has an unerring eye”, says Norman Foster. “His photographs speak with more eloquence than any words can summon.” I would leave it there, and simply tell you to get to London, if you are able to, and see Architects in Practice, a gloriously revealing exhibition of Soar’s superb portraits of contemporary British architects at work in their studios.

‘But please indulge me, if only a little, for these photographs are not just a visual treat; and they are far more than straightforward, set-piece portraits, or beautifully lit records of architects’ studios. What they reveal – artfully and with a benign eye – is the image architects wish to present of themselves and of their craft, to the world. The results are touching, impressive, inspiring.

Norman Foster is right and wrong; Tim Soar’s portraits are in one way beyond words, and yet there is so very much to say about them.”

Jonathan Glancey on ‘In Practice’ writing in The Guardian

‘Architectural photographer Tim Soar has used today’s digital technology in such a way as to provide forensic levels of intensity on his sitters. The portraits have succeeded in creating huge amounts of comment. This exercise is to be applauded: for once, nobody can accuse architects of choosing to fancy-dress reality. In Soar’s portraits, there is absolutely nowhere to hide”

Hugh Pearman on ‘Faces of British Architecture’ in the RIBA Journal



Timothy Soar has been interviewed by BBC Radio and appeared on Channel Four. He does not have a Wikipedia entry.